Green Cleaning

Our Green Cleaning Service plan

We use environmentally friendly green cleaning products:

If it’s important to you to be environmentally aware and healthy, well, it is important to us too! We use only the highest quality, all-natural cleaning products. Make your happy environment a healthy one with our green cleaning products.We are a Green cleaning company. We care about our environment, and we care about our customers’ health. We show that care in many practical ways.Whenever possible, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products. They are safer for our employees to use, and safer for you. The products we have selected, clean as well as traditional products do.Our environmentally friendly products are:
•  non-toxic and non-corrosive
•  free of phosphates and ozone-depleting compounds
•  have no known carcinogens
•  biodegradable
•  manufactured with safe pH levels and without hazardous ingredients. Our equipment is rigorously maintained to manufacturers’ specifications.You are in good hands with Blue Star Cleaning System Ltd.

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